lighting makes a difference

Lighting affects us in numerous ways, from improving our productivity to increasing the perception of value.

improve experiences

Maximize the positive impact of your next lighting project.

Whether your goal is to create an energetic office environment, or to build a premium residential development, our experienced team will help.

complex made easy

For large and complex projects, our lighting consultants are here to design custom solutions that generate real results.


in-depth review

Fully understand the design requirements of your project.

From lumens to colour temperature, the specific needs of your project will influence the product selection and design phase.


lighting design

For optimal results, we consider all relevant lighting variables.

Our certified lighting specialists will design a custom solution that optimizes how the recommended products will impact your project.


lighting proposal

A complete plan built upon your specific requirements.

You will receive a comprehensive proposal containing a quote, layout, and bill of materials specific to your project.



Order products from us through our trusted network of suppliers.

With the design and lighting proposal complete, we put together the purchase order and get the delivery process rolling.


deliver product

We will deliver the products wherever you need them.

Finally, we coordinate delivery so that you can benefit from the long-term rewards of your optimized lighting solutions.

premium suppliers

As a master distributor for premium brands from around the globe, we will always supply the highest quality lighting products.

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valuable expertise

Our long history of working with large residential and commercial developers means that we will deliver the results that you expect.

quality resources

Well designed forms and documents created for you.

Our forms and documents have been designed to simplify the ordering process and to improve your overall experience.


real careers

Excellent opportunity for energetic, driven people.

We are always looking for dedicated people to join our growing team, so if you're interested in a change, feel free to reach out and get in touch.



If you have any questions regarding your next lighting project, please feel free to send us a message or give us a call.

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